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A window into a first week at MarTech Tracker

Moving jobs from the music industry to the world of business to business marketing was always going to be a significant transition. This transition started on Monday morning with a two hour earlier than usual wakeup call due to my new office being based in the creative hub of London’s East End, Shoreditch. An early start in order to kick start my professional career in the exciting and challenging new position of Campaign Executive. After a smooth commute followed by a short walk past vintage markets, vibrant street art and small boutique shops I arrived at 18 Charlotte Road. First on my agenda was to meet the fast growing team of young professionals intrinsic to MarTech Tracker’s success. Settled within their beautifully bright and airy new office the entire group were extremely friendly with electrifying personalities. Instantly I felt at home, (although not quite understanding what was written all over the whiteboards!), confirming my initial belief that the MarTech Tracker journey was one that I wanted to be onboard for.

Following these short introductions Suzy Dunsford (Office Manager/PA) covered all things HR, holiday periods, charity work and the extra benefits of having a career at MarTech Tracker. Immediately I could understand why MarTech  won an award for being one of the best companies to work for. It was then time to start my training; this commenced with a ‘Who We Are and What We Do’ presentation by Marketing Operations Manager, Tim Nagle. This was a perfect start to my understanding of lead generation, MarTech’s current position within the industry and their vision for the future, namely to connect technology brands with technology buyers in any language in any country in the world. After a lunchtime getting to know my new colleagues further, Client Success Manager, Emma Laing began to take me through the operations and systems at MarTech. Due to the large amount of information needed to learn the systems this training was to be staggered throughout the week.

A very successful first day was followed by enjoyable days of further training, absorbing processes and information whilst intensely taking notes. Slowly I’m understanding more of the B2B marketing world I have entered (and the whiteboards!). It’s exciting and I’m motivated to learn all I can in order to succeed. Over the week I was regularly asked how I was doing and how I was finding the work which was an extremely nice touch from the team and could have been easily forgotten in such a busy and fast paced environment - MarTech have made me feel a part of the team from the very beginning.

A week later and I now feel settled into the lovely office in Shoreditch. I enjoy working at my desk flooded with natural light from the large windows opposite and I can’t wait to continue to learn and develop whilst contributing to the set targets and getting to know the team on a deeper level.

Alex Ross

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